A year already gone.

It’s been too long since I’ve posted here, but I think since a year has already passed by, I should update folks.

It almost seems like too much has happened in the year since I last put something up here. I fell in love, long distance, with a girl that I had met only about a month before moving out to LA. We dated long distance, flying to meet each other about once a month and constantly calling and texting each other.

Then she decided that I was good enough to move across the country for. It was nuts. February 1 I flew over to see her and pack her up. And then drive across the country AGAIN. It was wonderful to see everyone I had met on the first trip across. And now she’s here every day and we’re very happy with each other. (about 99% of the time, but that’s a great success rate for any couple)

I started doing a moderate amount of improv, and volunteering at the Pack Theater here in LA. Learning from the best teachers in the world and making a few mistakes along the way. I formed an improv team and then it disbanded. I wrote another screenplay and then a couple shorts and then a channel 101 pilot that got voted into first place.

I ate a lot of great food and drank a lot of great beer. So much so that I’m trying to diet it all off right now. :/ ? I started playing through all the games I had bought and reading all the books I’ve owned but not been able to make it through for some reason. I’ve stopped acquiring things and now I’m just trying to enjoy them more.

I’ve taken a cruise and seen my sister married again. Very happily this time I believe. I’ve gotten and quit/lost two more contract jobs. I’m working on some startup ideas and working another contract right now. Maybe I need to be more self sufficient and make my own company and product. :shrug:

I’m still making time to call my mom and dad. I’m still grateful for people in my life who have shaped and guided me. I’m still looking for ways to improve myself.

I’ll be right back.