An Update

Hello there World. It’s been quite some time. A couple of months actually.

In that space, I’ve lost a few pounds and finally went back to the dang dentist for the first time in about 7 years. I’m never gonna let it go that long again ever ever. Things with Char and I are going wonderfully, and we’ve even had the time to rearrange the living room, if only once.

I’ve been making tons of creative projects and pouring myself into my job. It’s a nice intersection, because we make Network Attached Storage that handles large file transfer fast as hell, and that’s just what I need when I’m editing movies. So I’ve actually been using a smaller version of one of our systems to do my film editing on. It’s also cool to hack around on the thing on the weekends when I’m bored.

Also, I’ve been recoding a cool podcast with my buddy Nick Ware and Charlotte that’s a lot of fun. It’s called “Trio’s Champions” and we play silly games about pro-wrestling. Check it out here

Hollywood is still a trip and it sometimes creeps up on me that I live in LA. Can’t believe it. Things are pretty great otherwise. It’s looking like it’s going to be a really hot spring and summer though, so I’m dreading that a little. Time to invest in a rolling A/C unit I think.