A science fiction short in the vein of “Black Mirror” or “Twilight Zone”. A man goes to a genetic doctor to improve himself only to find that he’s been cloned and replaced.

Created for Channel101 in March of 2017, We were selected to screen but fell short of being invited back for another episode. Despite that, I’m very pleased with the work done here, especially the excellent cinematography from my friend J.W.


Writer, Director: Matt Moeller
Editor, Director of Photography: J.W. Hendricks
Sound: Jas Sams

Greg: Gerard Dean Peters
Angela: Nicole Villela
Doctor Richards: Willy Roberts
Body Guard: Erik Wargo
Woman: Chris Lee
Doctor One: Merryn Landry
Doctor Two: Ian Russo
Security Guard: Sam Jae

Special Thanks to:
Charlotte Cuevas
Cozi Orlean