Fitness and you


One of the things that I’ve always struggled with, as far back as I can remember, is my fitness. I’ve never been quite comfortable with my body and even thinking about approaching the problem seemed daunting. At a certain point, it became time to face it. I needed to make a change. I needed to allow myself to suck at something and start from 0.

Enter Ryan, he’s a personal trainer connected to the improv scene around town who made his fitness his career being a professional wrestler and all. With his expert guidance, I’ve gone from once a week at the gym to three times a week. Dropped a pants size, and lost 10 pounds. What’s more impressive is the amount of growth I’ve had over the past year in my lifts. Here’s my deadlift and squat from around when I started, vs my deadlift and squat now. And there’s more to come.

Deadlift December 2017
Squats December 2017
Deadlift January 2019
Squats January 2019

It’s been a battle, and my diet is always something else I’m struggling with, but now I’m not doing it on my own and I’m over the hump of being 100% bad at it. I feel more at home in the gym now than I ever did. Concentrating on one ‘win’ at a time is making this mountain easier to climb, because it’s not a whole mountain at a time.