Handling Rejection


In the past few months, I been rejected quite a lot, either outright with a ‘no thanks’ or ‘not accepted’, or intrinsically, with a ‘thank you for your help, but I’ve got it now’ sort of thing.

A list here of things that have recently rejected me:
  • A great local improv theater
  • A world renowned improv house
  • A local film festival - twice!
  • An improv festival out of state
  • A local improv festival
  • A script reading service - three times!
A list of things that have not rejected me:
  • Me

And so it would seem to the passer-by that this list is pretty off balance. Right? And it is. Because I choose to believe that my own self-acceptance is far more important than any institution, creative house, team of people, world renowned blah blah blah. Because FUCK EM’. I am the ultimate arbiter of my own success. If I make something, a creative something that is to the best of my ability, and I put it out there into the world, than I’ve already won.

Now I’m not saying that what I’m making is amazing to the point that the whole world is wrong and I am the last bastion of sanity. That’s not it. I know that I have room for improvement. Hell, it’s my life motto to be constantly improving. I live by the phrase “The river cuts through the mountain not by force, but by persistence.” But I’m not going to take too harshly a decision by someone else to apply value to my work.

I have my own system to judge what I do by. It’s called my past. And as long as my present is better than my past, then I’m on the right path.

So yea, I’ll handle that rejection. And after I digest it, pick out from it the lessons it can offer, I’ll be back with something new.

So if you’ve been rejected. Relax, you’ve still got your own back.

A beautiful river