Jehovah's Sweetness

An attempt to capture the feeling of Napoleon Dynamite with a religious bent, we follow the adventures of Brothers Micah and Eli as they try and reach people with the message of Jehovah. Only to be thwarted by the mean Xavier.

Created for Channel101 in July of 2017, We were not selected to screen sadly. However this was my first time shooting on RED cameras and that was a great treat! This short was created during one of the most vicious heatwaves of 2017. With us shooting in 105 degree weather during much of the film, although you’d never be able to tell from the great performances out of the actors.


Director: Matt Moeller
Writer: Charlotte Cuevas
Editor: Lindsey Mutert
DP: Zack Charney Cohen
Sound: Erik Wargo

Brother Micah: Dustyn Willoughby
Brother Eli: Leo Alex Martinez
Brother Xavier: Ian Russo
Elder Wang: Russ Gooberman
Lulu: Lulu the cat

Special Thanks
Jac Floyd
N Robert Ware