Quarantine Life

Quarantine life. I’ve been working from home exclusively since March 9th. So that makes this likely day 63 I believe.

I’ve tried to make a sourdough starter.
I’ve tried gardening.
I’m going stir crazy. As are most people.

As much as this has been difficult on my mental health, I’m sure it’s been so much more devastating for those who have lost their jobs, their health, their loved ones. I really feel terrible for them. But I’m also trying to balance owning my own discomfort, however minor in comparison.

The lack of being able to workout with any regularity has also been monkeying with me, and it’s strange to see that I’ve developed such a reliance on it after avoiding it for most of my life.

A couple of personal positives from the lockdown: I started writing regularly again. Having to suddenly stop your normal routine makes you evaluate it a lot I guess, and I realized I was letting my creative side slip for being more productive at work. I’m starting that up again.

I’m also gonna backfill a few entries here. It’s been a while and some cool stuff has happened I should share.