An Update

Blink and it’s November. 8 months warped by like nothing. We did a lot of stuff, I went home for the summer and we went on a cruise to Cuba! A heck of a trip. I’ve been pulling crazy hours at work and in the gym, and in the meantime, I haven’t really done any sort of creative work at all. I did manage to find enough time to sink 100+ hours into Persona 5 however, so no excuses there. Pouring over my records for the spring/summer/fall I find that most of my time is sunk into work and/or commuting. And that for fun I’ve been playing a lot of video games or hanging with my friends.

Creatively, I’ve been doing a ton of improv with my friend Russ, and I’ve been coaching OC favorite All Party No DJ as well. (Though the fate of the group remains up in the air for now)

Things have been tough, but either I will change or the situation will. We’ll see which.