Time Thrifter

The idea was simple, and the execution of it was flawless by the comedic duo of Shane and Jeremiah. This was shot in a weekend on no budget and as my first attempt at a Channel101 pilot in May of 2016. With some luck we managed to get 1st place that month.

Although the follow up episode failed to place in July 2016, From retrospect, I learned quite a bit from the failure of Episode 2. I tried too damn hard to extend the ‘lore’ of the science fiction and took no time to emphasize the comedy. I didn’t give enough room for Shane and Jeremiah to be funny again and tried to pack too much into one episode. Never again.


Director: Matt Moeller
Writers: Matt Moeller and Charlotte Cuevas
Editor: Lindsey Mutert
DP: Kyle Helf

Stan: Shane Hartline
Hannah: Meredith Morris
Cliff: Jeremiah Burton
Jessica: Julia Mack

Party Extras:
Ian Russo
Matt Moeller
Lindsey Mutert
Charlotte Cuevas