Too Much of a Good Thing.

For the past two months I have been taking three improv classes at a time and watching as many shows as I could. Gorging myself on the work and filling up every spare waking moment with it.

And it made me suck on stage more than I ever thought I would. I would be in the middle of a scene and I’d find myself regurgitating a scene I saw the night before for some bizarre reason, or even worse still, doing a scene about doing improv or film. Something oddly specific to LA it seems is the ever present ‘I’m trying to cast you in my movie’ scene.

So I’m cutting back. One class a week and see fewer shows. I love improv, I really do, but I need to get out into the world and have more experiences for me to get better at this point. I need to have more material in the back of my head to draw from that’s not just circular references.

Which might also involve not writing as much.

So I’ll see you when I see you.