Win This Car!

Shot in a single day and single take. Five of my favorite improvisers spoof a reality show. The crux of it is that you can win a car as long as you are the last person inside it.

Created for Channel101 in August of 2017, I was especially happy with the way this came out unrehearsed. It was a hell of a challenge to cut up about an hour’s worth of footage from 5 different cameras and two audio sources, and I learned a lot about multicamera workflows in adobe premiere with this. Enjoy!


Director, Editor: Matt Moeller
DP: Will Crespo
PA: Jimmy Russo
PA: Charlotte Cuevas

Dr. Wayne Proctor: Cory Jacob
Doug E.: Evan Smith
Russ Gooberman: Russ Gooberman
Barbie Hanks: Emily Decker
Candi: Jac Floyd
Jogger: Elisa Ellis